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Statutory regulation of the press will hurt free speech

This article was originally published in The New Statesman Between the Leveson Inquiry and the crisis at the BBC, it seems journalism is all we ever read or hear about these days. These crises are heightened because journalists are, essentially, gossips who like talking about journalists. In this, we’re no different from people in any other […]

Ups and downs: World Press Freedom Index 2010

Ups and downs: World Press Freedom Index 2010

“Organised crime causes self-censorship”

Mexico Reporter on keeping journalists safe

Italian journalists speak out against wiretapping law

Giulio D’Eramo on reactions to Italy’s proposed phone tapping law

Family courts open – ish

The opening of the family courts to reporters would appear to be a welcome development. But already, some are querying whether any significant progress has in fact been made at all. The newly-resurrected Press Gazette reports the difficulties faced by reporters, from confusion of clerks to open hostility of judges. Meanwhile, the Guardian’s Afua Hirsch […]